Window Frosting & Tint


Why tint your windows at all? Everything you own is subject to fading.
Window film effectively blocks nearly all of the sun’s harmful rays, which reduces
fading as well as heat and glare. We have a professional Tinter on staff who is able to
accommodate your tinting needs for any application.

Improve the comfort of your Home…

We offer residential window film in a variety of colours and shades providing different
looks and performance levels. You can choose from lighter films that are almost
undetectable when installed or darker and more reflective films.
All of our films are designed to enhance the look of your home by giving glass a more
modern and contemporary appearance.


Our window films save money for Businesses…

The films we use have earned the respect of professional installers worldwide because
they are made with the most advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest
quality raw materials available.

These films have a scratch resistant surface coating for maximum durability.
Best of all, these commercial window films reject heat and glare without distorting the
view and will reward you with long-lasting good looks and high performance.


Window Frosting / Etched Look

Are you looking to frost, sandblast or etch your windows? Window frosting is a great way to make areas more private but still have natural light. It’s great for offices, banks, restaurants and more!

ATD Graphics can design and create a custom design cut out or into the sandblasted / frosted window film.

For a quote or information on sandblasted, frosted or etched windows, call us today!