Vehicle Wraps


Showcase your business with high quality visuals and informative content.
What better way to do this than with vehicle wraps?
You will really get the attention of your customers with the option of a complete
or partial wrap.

What Is A Wrap?

• Full coverage on a vehicle of digital printed quality vinyl.
• Eye catching, colourful branding.

Multiple Benefits

• Identify your company instantly.
• The most up to date, fastest growing brand awareness.
• The best impressions for dollars spent.
• Short term or seasonal applications available.
• Leased or owned vehicle paint protection on full coverage.
• Partial coverage option for alternative budgets.

The Power Of Vehicle Wraps

1. Today consumer attention is most held by the internet and their day to day environment,
YOUR COMPANY needs to be visible, recognized and remembered!

2. VEHICLE WRAPS are the fastest growing marketing tool in today’s media mixes.
Their eye catching, colourful presentation demands attention.

3. VEHICLE WRAPS give your business a positive, memorable image.

4. VEHICLE WRAPS deliver the most effective dollar-per-impression than any other form
of visibility. Consider this: A single vehicle can make over 10 million impressions per year.
For example; With a 3 year vehicle lease, a $3,500.00 vehicle wrap is pennies per every
1,000 impressions!

5. In a competitive and fast paced market a VEHICLE WRAP will never stop
making lasting impressions on your target audience 24 hours a day.
Thus, VEHICLE WRAPS are an important element in a total advertising and branding
program. There is no better way to intelligently stretch your advertising budget.

• At ATD Graphics, we use 3M brand wrap film & laminate to achieve the best results.